19 November, 2011

Desa Boneka 2nd Giveaway

Hello all! Who's ready for the second giveaway?
I'm in the mood for giving presents!

Let's talk about the rules:
1. Just tell me which one is your favourite.
Mention 1 (one) character of my crochet creation, and give me the reason.
2. Suggest what character you want me to make.
You can mention aaaanyyything!..any kind of animals, any kind of fruits, etc.
3. You're all welcome to blurb this giveaway to any kind of social media tools.
Twitter, Fb, Blog, etc. :)

Put your answer on the comment area, plus your name & email address.

This giveaway ends on 20 of December 2011.
I'll pick 3 winners with the best answers,
and will get their own favourite crochet creation (character you like on number 1) :)
Good luck!


hima-rain said...

Eeeehh ada giveaway lagi. ikut yah
1. I like ur "Kani".that's mean kepiting..hehehe... Alasan pertama, Kepiting ad hewan ketiga yang sangat kusuka setelah kucing dan singa, nah lho. Kedua, Kebetulan saya punya usaha craft yang berlambang kepiting. Ketiga, pas ngeliat ini gambar boneka sa jd mupeng, mirip ya ma aslinya. Salut loh

2. Buat sunflower dong. Pengen sekali liat crochet dalam bentuk bunga matahari. gak sabar liat hasilnya kalo dah ada.hehehe

3. Untuk poin ini tenang saja akan kusebarkan berita giveaway ini ke seluruh akun-akunku hehehe.

nama asliku: ririn gustiana alamat email:himawari.chu@yahoo.co.id

terima kasih sudah membuat giveaway manis ini hehehe

mimz said...

Awesome giveaway! The Christmas collection looks fantastic! :D
1. Although all of them are amazing I love Marc the shark! I don't know why, I just imagine a shark reading a book and find it really cute. <3

2. I think a puffin would be a cool addition to the team. Puffins are adorable in general, so a crocheted one must be irresistible. :D

Mimi (like your bee :D)

Sunshine Mommy said...

1. I LOOOOOVE Marc the shark! He's still cute even with those fierce teeth :)

2. I'd love to see an elephant! I think the trunk would be super cute on a round little body!


puteriamirillis said...

hallooow my name is puteri, may i join ur give away ?

1. i love your monkey, heheh, very cute but i love ur crab too, i love the food made from crab, hihih...

2. i would like you to make an amaryllis flower, would you?

3. for this point , yes i will post it on my blog, but i really want to get your prize, hahaha...

Puteri Amirillis
e-mail: Putri_anggun_amirillis@yahoo.com

thank you^^ friendship for you...

Annesya said...

1. First of all, every single craft you create is amazing. You are successfully seizing the uniqueness of animal since you make them cute as hell. Well, but… I find it hard to resist your Rufus, it kinda make me want to kiss his circle lips. Haha, it’s a crazy mind plot but I do love your sexy handy octopus. His innocent expression makes him perfect to be my partner when I read a book. He’s gonna be alright as long as he’s mine so just give him to me. Haha… XD

2. I suggest you to create a baby owl since it recently a favorite animal figure of any of all. An owl has really big eyes that make it looks scary though cute. An owl wakes up at the night to protect us and then sleep at the day when we already wake up. It’s a perfect guardian angel figure in my mind. Do you think so? But you’ve already create the adorable Coyle. So, I’ll suggest thing that you haven’t create yet, banana. Banana is simply very popular in foreign countries since it’s a tropical fruit. Banana has a great exotic taste that foreigner has to spend a lot of money to buy it from tropical country like Indonesia. That should be a similar reason for foreigner to adopt your banana crafting? I hope so!

3. I do. I will. Thanks for doing this second giveaway.

Hope you’ll gain a really big creativity plan forward.

Devania annesya

I really hope I’m that lucky person who will receive your email as a winner *big smile*

Nindya Karlina said...

Holla! let me join... ^^

1. I heart Matt the Crab! Love at the first sight ^o^
It's soooo cutee with his tweezers. I hope he doesn't money grubber like the other. LOL XD

2. Maybe you can make voodoo doll. I think It's something cute and something new what made from crochet.

3. Done @nindyaanind (twitter)

*Nindya Karlina

Diah Ajeng Pratiwi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maya Floria Yasmin said...

aku suka yang kelinci, alasannya karena kelinci itu imut dan menggemaskan ^^

usul aku, kakak bikin crochet bentuk mr. postman/pak pos, kotak surat, sama amplop. Pasti sangat manis :) usul kedua, bikin seri red riding hood. Jadi disitu ada crochet red riding hood, serigala, sama neneknya :). Usul ketiga, bikin crochet bentuk peta Indonesia+garuda dan bendera merah putih :O

Maya Floria Yasmin

Miss 'U said...

huwaaaa.... thats cute amigurumi XD XD

1. Hmmm... I love the yellow tiger, coz I love cat so much (cat and tiger are still siblings dont they? :D) and I love that panda, coz I love black and white color so much too, and I like that purple owl too, what a cute owl! :o
ups, I have to choose just one of them ya -_-a
arrrggghh... okay, that lovely yellow tiger aja deh T__T

2. Hmm.... I love to see a black and white cat amigurumi... that will be super duper cute I think... XD XD

3. I'll make that amigurumis pic as banner and put it on my sidebar and share this link in my fb account too :D :D

Miss 'U said...

correction, Brad is a yellow cat ya, not a yellow tiger ^^a

I m sorry Brad v^^

Sebul Sebal said...

Love your giveaway..
1. I do love the owl, Coyle. Because owl is nocturnal animals rite? Then it's describing my life as a college student who always sleep late and done all the assignments 'till dawn. So let me pick up Coyle to accompany me. =)
2. Could you make si unyil as crochet creature? That tiny Sundanese puppet i mean. But unyil in cat version. I imagine a cute cat using black peci on its head. hehe. so sorry but i think that's cute and unique enough. creativity meets culture. (unyil is my nick name anyway, and i heart cat!)
3. Yes I do, and I will.

Thanks for the chance.

Sulih Dian Permata A.

Dear Diary... said...

Hi, my I join? ^_^

1. I'm very love your "Edith" the rabbit...
It's so cute...
The red nose and long cute ears... ^_^

2. I think you can make some shapes of cake like sushi, pizza, burger, etc...

3. Ok, I do
on my blog : http://deardiaryaisyah.blogspot.com/
My fb : Lubna El-Kathiri
My multiply : http://aisyahassalafiyah.multiply.com/

My real name : Aisyah As-Salafiyah
My E-mail : aisyahassalafiyah@yahoo.com

namakupiena said...

i'm in :)

--> aku suka pinguinn, karena selain lucu pinguin juga binatang yang setia sama pasangannnya, jadi aku syukaa banget :)

--> aku cinta jogjaaa, jadi buatin sesuatu yang berbau jogja dung, misalnya candi2, tokoh wayang, dll deh :), kan sekalian memperkenalkan indonesia lewat crochet :p

--> please cek di namakupiena.blogspot.com
fb : piena mustika

wish me luck ^_^

Meela said...

1. I fall in love at the first sight with Mimi the bee!! She looks so cute with her smiling-lips that others don't have. I also like her "wings". It's so cute!!

2. Err, I want you to make CJ7. haha. because CJ7 is the first doll my bf gave me. Someday, I want to give him your CJ7. :D

3. Okai, I'll write a post about this.. ;)

Meela said...

uups, I forget, my name is Meela, and my Email Address is meela.is.me@gmail.com

puteriamirillis said...

my posting http://puteriamirillis.blogspot.com/2011/11/boneka.html#more

ayu n. laraswati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ayu n. laraswati said...

i.m in =D

suka bangeets ngets ngets sama lilo the lion. seriuusan. mukanya polos, tapi ngegemesiin. uda gitu oren. i crush on orange soo much :)

bikin badak jawa. udaa ampir punah kaan tuh. jadi turut melestarikan hewan yang hampir punah dg bikin amiguruminya gittuuu..

3. done @miss_a_you (twitter)

ayu ningtias laraswati
ayukuya88 at gmail dot com

makasii buaat giveawaynya..
keep craft on

Nurmayanti Zain said...

i'm ready, yeah!

1. I love your bee, your 2nd character from the end <3 Oh my goodness, it's really cute ^^ just wondering pretty bee fly around and kiss my face, hahaha :)

2. request nemo please~ a clown fish :D ahahahaha, that's pretty nice

3. I put your giveaway banner on my blog

*thank you for this sweet giveaway

Nurmayanti Zain

Benjamin said...

1. Matt the crab (suka bgt tapi blom sempet pesen, mudah2an dapet gratis =P)
2. penyu kaya nya lucu
3. share pasti


kelimutu said...

Aaaaah,, so excited to join this giveaway.. ^^

1. I love the crab one. Umm,, i don't really know why. But it maybe because it shape looks the most similar like the real crab than the others. haha, and I love red..
But I also love the duck, octopus, bee, and the monkey. ahhh,, those are too cute, I can't just pick one.. >,<

2. umm,, suggest? I think it would be great if you make the sheep character (maybe something like Shaun the sheep cartoon character, you know that, aren't you?) yeah, the people must be love it so much, besides sheep character is booming nowadays.. and you don't have sheep character yet, rite? yeah, I think people would love it. :)

3. Ahh,, I directly make a blog post before make this comment. And yeah, I post it on my blog --> Desa Boneka second giveaway!! Yippie!! ^^
gonna tweet it, and share it on my facebook next time.. I tell you if I done. :)

Name : Rizki Dwi Kelimutu
E-mail : kelimutu.rizki@gmail.com

kelimutu said...

ohh, the link is broken. I correct it --> http://gartenparadise.blogspot.com/2011/11/desa-boneka-second-giveaway-yippie.html

Sang Pengembara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dear Diary... said...

here :




asimetris said...

saya suka Joaquin si penguin,, uda biru, imut lagi,, ekspresinya kayak pengen dielus-elus ahahaha,,,

kalo pengennya apa, request kura-kura ya,, seru kayaknya, kepala si kura keluar dari rumahnya,, tantangan nih ehehehe,,,

sebar-sebar sih pasti,, di blog weareasimetris.blogspot.com dan facebook saya dengan nama sarie padmanegara

saya sari,, ratihpadmasari[at]gmail[dot]com

Samuri Chan said...

Hope I win.. hihi...

1. The first I saw, I really wanna hug Xavier the Bear. It mades me remembering my bf that I really miss so much. Bear is my Bf nickname from me. hihihi...

2. Can I request more than one? hahaha... *maruk
i really wanna have Brad the cat, but if you wanna give me more, choco the kitten, Ethan the chicken, and lilo The lion it's so cute and also, Xavier the Bear. ^o^v
Kidding, If I am lucky, Just give me Brad with white skin and black ears. Thank you...

3. on my Fb : Http://www.facebook.com/samurichan/posts/251265408267749
on my twitter :
and also I put your banner in my blog :D

wish I am the lucky number one,, *pray
Thank you for this give away \(^o^)/

Sari Mutmainna

Alwenia :-? said...

halo :-) mau ikutan yaaaa
1. aku paling suka banget sama pinguinnya, soalnya emang pinguin kan sebenernya bentuknya ga bulet terus ga punya bentuk kepala yang jelas juga. jadi serasa nemu yang setipe sama aku yag suka gambar sesuatu dipas-pasin jadi bentuk bulet hehe ya walaupun bidang penyaluran kresinya beda.
2. kalo kata aku sih coba bikin bentuk alien, soalnya si alien ini juga masih jadi salah satu project gambar aku yang kayanya bisa jadi banyak versi tergantung imajinasi sama mood.
makasih ;-)
- alisa alwenia (alisaastronot@yahoo.com)

ranie esem said...


1. lucu2 sampe bingung mau pilih yg mana.. hmm Coyle the owl cute, Marc the shark juga.. Rufus jugaa.. aihhh lucu2.. tapi yg paling2 disuka Marc the shark, jarang ajah liat binatang hiu bisa jadi boneka cute kaya gitu.. giginya malah lucu bukan nyeremin :D

2. buat cupcakes ^^ cupcakes sekarang kan lucu2, bisa dibentuk aneh2.. pasti cute banget deh :)

3. saya share di twitter dan fb yah :)

namaku Ranie Esem
emailnya rani.esem@gmail.com

makasih giveawaynya, inspiring! :)

Mama Rani said...

1) saya suka itu..si bebek, siapa namanya? Puck? ah iya! Alasannya? karena suka aja liat bibirnya (eh itu bibir, paruh, mulut, atau apa ya?) si puck yang imut, seksi #ahhay! ;D. Trus rambutnya si puck yang berdiri beberapa helai...aihh, bikin tambah lucu saja!

2) bikin boneka si poconggg (usul aja, mungkin sejuta penggemar di luar sana berminat ;D).

3) sip! akan dishare info giveawaynya :))

nama : Andy Hardiyanti Hastuti (mama rani)
email: andyhardiyanti@gmail.com

Nur Muchamad said...

Aaaaah, what a cute crochet i think. All of your craft totally awesome :D

Ehmmmm, but i think (1) I prefer to choose "Mimi the Bee". It's look so simple, cute with those bee strips :D like a yellow zebra cross :) and, bee is my class mascot (o^_^o)

And one point, (2) i suggest you to make "Danbo" crochet maybe. It's so famous nowadays. And i totally want to see a square crochet character. I like Danbo so much, but it will be too expensive if i buy the real Danbo -___-"

Last but not least, (3) i will share this event on my blog http://noervous.blogspot.com/ , on my FB "Nur Muchamad" , on my Tweets "@NMuchamad" , and many more :D

Contact me: pyth_pentagram@yahoo.co.id

Thanks so much, and happy crafting (o^_^o)/

Angie said...

Hi from Barcelona, Spain! I love your job, I think it's amazing!

1. My favorite character is Rufus, the octopus.

2. Although I like most of your little creations, maybe a dolphin or an unicorn could be a good new member of the crochet family.

2. Done! @Angie_Square

Thanks for the giveaway!

• P A N S K Y • said...


1. Suka bangett! sama Oliver the puffer fish! , Marc the shark! sama Coyle the owl @o@ tiga-tiganya uberrrr cuteee!
puffer fish duri2nya bikin gemes,
shark nya giginya lucu abisss,
owl matanya sama manik2nyaaa, kaya mau dugemmmm! hihi :]

2. hihi mau suggest bikin anjing golden retriever hoho sama shaun the sheep! hihi ;p

3. i will post it on my fb and twit :]

Stephanie, Jakarta


ninisnyus said...

heyya ijinkan saya ikut giveaway ini hehe :))

1. hmm kalo boleh milih, kepinginnya dikasih Rudolph the red nose reindeer atau Rufus the octopus! hehe.

2. kalo bisa bikin amigurumi bentuk miniatur handphone/smartphone. kan jadinya lucu kalo dibuat jadi gantungan handphone, berasa si hp punya anak. hehe!

3. info giveaway ini udah saya taruh di sidebar blog saya... bisa di cek ke bukanorangutan.blogspot.com :)

Widya Pawestri N
email : ninispawestri@gmail.com

sukses terus dalam berkaryanya ya :D

ninisnyus said...

oh iya maaf :(
untuk pertanyaan no.1 blum dikasih alasan..
1. hmm kalo boleh milih, kepinginnya dikasih Rudolph the red nose reindeer atau Rufus the octopus! alasannya yaitu..hmmm apakah mencintai perlu alasan? hehe. maaf becanda. alasannya karena hidung si rudolf bikin gemes dan bibir si rufus sangat unyu! hehe.

2. kalo bisa bikin amigurumi bentuk miniatur handphone/smartphone. kan jadinya lucu kalo dibuat jadi gantungan handphone, berasa si hp punya anak. hehe!

3. info giveaway ini udah saya taruh di sidebar blog saya... bisa di cek ke bukanorangutan.blogspot.com :)

Widya Pawestri N
email : ninispawestri@gmail.com

sukses terus dalam berkaryanya ya :D

novi said...

Ikut yah :)
1. Hwaaa bingung pilih yang mana, abis semua unyuuu :D tapi aku pilih lion alias singa deh. Soalnya aku suka sm hewan itu, dan idung bonekanya lucu, bentuk love. haha. Sebenernya aku jg pengen yg Snowman, tapi aku org nya cuek, jd kasian snowman nya nanti cpt kotor krn aku

2. Bikin bentuk bunga gitu lucu kali ya, kan bunga macem2 banget jenis nya

3. Siap aku sebar :)

Nama: Novi Riandini
email: riandini.novi@gmail.com

Terimakasih, semoga saya menang :D

eqinok said...

Ikutaaaaaaan :3

1. mau Joaquin dia pinguin unyu. karna pinguin jalannya menceng-menceng dan ini bentuknya cuma kepala jadinya tambah unyu dan mulutnya kayak platypus. kayak mulutku jadinya unyuu juga :3

2. telur,telur, telur mata sapi yummy. that's look so delicious :3

3. sudah saya sebar diseluruh account sayaaa :D

Equinoksia Nur Aini
email eqiknok@gmail.com

terimakasih sungguh sungguh asyiiiikkkk :3

eqinok said...

Ikutaaaaaaan :3

1. mau Joaquin dia pinguin unyu. karna pinguin jalannya menceng-menceng dan ini bentuknya cuma kepala jadinya tambah unyu dan mulutnya kayak platypus. kayak mulutku jadinya unyuu juga :3

2. telur,telur, telur mata sapi yummy. that's look so delicious :3

3. sudah saya sebar diseluruh account sayaaa :D

Equinoksia Nur Aini
email eqiknok@gmail.com

terimakasih sungguh sungguh asyiiiikkkk :3 semangat yawn :D

blog aku dua jadinya double juga yaaccch heheh :3

indah said...

ahhh...time is running out soo fast, Its time for ur 2nd Giveaway, n of course I will join it ^^

1. I heart ur Panda. His black sleepy eyes makes him perfect to be my partner when I read a book. Well...Panda always remainds me to my GrandMa, because we used to bought a Panda Cake on yhe way back from school.

2. I suggest you to make veggie's series. emm ... how about a sweet tiny carrot ? well ... I hope this series will be encouraging childrens to love the vegetables ^^

3. I would love to spread out this happiness on my account.

warm hopes,
Indah Budi Utari

Aulia Rohadatul Aisy said...

Join ya :D

1. I wanna that bee! Siapa namanya? Mimi ya? Hehehe. Somehow aku ngeliatnya kayak baby bee yang belum bisa terbang gitu. Jadi lucu hahaha. xD Crabnya juga lucuu. Capitnya itu loh :3

2. Untuk karakter, I want you to make Harry Potter! Hehehe. Aku suka HP. Mungkin kalo lebih simpelnya dibuat kepalanya, ada tanda petir sama kacamata, plus mustache. Mustache lucu2 gt lagi ngehits skrng :3

3. Will dooo! Sekalian kupasang bannernya di sidebar ya :)

Aulia Rohadatul Aisy.

Chaah Sarah said...

I'm addicted with this amazing giveaway ! :D
I just visited Desa Boneka in this afternoon, and I falling in love with Edric the pig !! When I saw him, I remember my friend, she loves all stuff about pig and pink.

1. I love herbert the bird ! he's too cute ! >< I love his color. and I always wanna pet a bird, but my parents doen't permit me :( so I'll be happy if I can pet Herbert ! yippiee !

2. I want you to make characters from movie "UP" , especially RUSSEL ! he is sooooo chubby ! >< I've search for it's doll, but I haven't meet yet. -___- langkaaa

3.I shared this giveaway in my blog and twitter

Chaah Sarah

pray for win this giveaway O:)

Fikriyah A Tou said...

Yeah, give away :)
1. I like all of your characters, they are lovely and cute^^ but I fall in love with the little duckling :3 Duckling is my nickname amongst classmate, my friends, also my teachers and the members of my family ^^;; The reasons why i pick the lovely duckling is it bright eyes, the cute snout, and the most is it sprout hair^^ VERY LOVELY!!! >,<

2. Try to make elephant! It'll great bec it'll be wide ears and belalai yang panjang :)

3. Udah aku share lewat blogku ;) pickeypabo.blogspot.com

Nama Asli : Fikriyah A Tou
email : emailfiki@ymail.com

amel said...

It's the first time I come here, for giveaway of course, but then I falling in love with your crochet, all of your crochet <3

okay, it's time for answer your question
1. I love all of your crochet, but if I must pick one, then I'll choose Coyle the owl. he's just to cute with his big eyes

2. hem, it will be great to see SPBU (shitlicious, Poconggg, ang Benakribo) the selebblog in crochet version.. hohoho, maybe their fans will love it and adopt them

3. Of course I will, :D

thanks, hem and I think I'll adopt some crochet for my lil' sister :D

Amela Erliana

Zulfadhli's Family said...

Say, ikutan yaaaa :-)

1. Kata Zahia, my princess yang sekarang umurnya 3 taun 1 bulan, "Bunda, duck nya lucuuu. Kaka suka banget soalnya bibirnya sama kaya Kaka suka manyun2". Hehehe bibir Zahia emang seksi ko Nak kaya si Puck, apalagi kalo pas manyun habis Bunda larang sesuatu, misalnya minta es krim pagi2 padahal belom sarapan

2. Lagi2, request Zahia, katanya "Aunty, tolong bikinin Dinosaurus dong supaya Barney ada temen maennya". Oya satu lagi, karena Zahia suka makan ice cream bisakah Aunty bikinin juga?? Thanks yaaaa *Duh Nak, requestnya banyak banget*

3. Kalo tentang menyebarkan info, ekye akan woro-wiri kemana2 Say, coz banyak temen2 sesama banci kuiz kaya dakyuuuu :-)

Oya, nama daku Susan Noerina

Email : ie_fadl@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks buat GA nya. Dan semoga dikau semakin kreatif dan inovatif dalam berkarya. Kiss kiss dari Double Zee

ajeng rismaniar said...

Unyu,,,,unyu...unyu banget
pengen yg kepiting....

Ridha Alsadi said...

hy, i'm ridha. nice to find ur hum :D
every single craft your created is soooo amazing, really.
1. i love your shark, it's really cute :D
2. what about the jack fruit? or durian? hmm...maybe it can be more cute,
3. i will be share this event.

Rasyidah Alsadi

tengkyu for nice giveaway :D
hopefully can get your cute shark

Ivanka Desyra Susanto said...

1. i was enchanted with the OWL. the owl is so cute with it's SUPER BIG EYES. i like the eyes. :D soooo cuteeee!

2. hey! i suggest you to create a mushroom! i love mushroom very much. the red head mushroom. yeah! i love it. it's so cutee.

3. Yes i will! i will post about it on my blog, twitter, facebook, anything! :D

ivanka desyra susanto

Shanna Budihardjo said...

ur handmade dolls are amazing!!

1. first of all, my favorite is the owl. super cute and the eyes are too adorable, it's remind me of puss in the boots' eyes
2. I think 'Desa Boneka' should makes the miniature of toy story characters. It's soo hard to find toy story dolls in a reasonable price. And it's gonna be cool to have the exact toys like Andy


Nanachan said...

Hello Desa Boneka...
I follow your giveway and hopefully i can win!

1. I like Santa Claus
because it's remind me about my childhood. I really hope santa comes in Christmas Eve and give me a miracle.

2. I hope you can make sun and planets. (mercury , venus, mars, jupiter, earth, etc..) i think, it's difficult to describe the solar system... ^^ but it is interesting..

3. oke.. i will post in my blog :

fb :

my name is : Nana
email : aprilianawijaya@gmail.com

Thankyou. Really hope i can win!

Dilla said...

Hai hai...may I join this giveaway?? :)


1. I love that Crab (Matt)... aku suka benda berwarna merah..dan lebih tepatnya lagi aku ngidam kepiting waktu hamil..hehhehe.

2. Kalau aku suka banget Shaun The Sheep... Please make it :)
3. Okey I'll do it!

nama : Dilla
Alamat : dillamaulina[at]gmail[dot]com

thank you (wish me luck)

garuru said...

i would like to join x3 fufufu~

1. i like your shark :3 theyre actualy just clueless, missunderstood giant fish ~

2. buat yang orca (killer whale) atau blue whale dong itu pasti lucu :3

3. mission accepted ~

name : Pandya
email : nps_nuff@yahoo.com

thank you :3 wish me luck

dittadara said...

Hiii ini satu jam sebelum tanggal 20!

Langsung jawab saja:

1. Panda, kenapa ? Simple :D Karena memang saya penggemar Panda :D *ga kreatif ya jawabannya* tapi ini beneran lho :D sampai-sampai pacar saya membelikan bookmark panda nya desa boneka utk saya ^^

2. Gajah ! Lucu kali ya kalau ada bookmark dengan kuping besar dan belalai yang panjang. Aplg bisa nemenin si panda yang yang sama-sama ndut, besar dan ngegemesin :D

3. Post it on my twitter :) https://twitter.com/#!/dittadara/status/148795757963644928

*good luck for me* heheheh

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