31 July, 2011

Winner Announcement!

Hi all!!!
Today is the winner announcement! Yayyy :D

The lucky winners are:

1. Ikmalia Anindita

2. Chesiria Tattia

3. Dita Khusnul Khotimah

4. Pratya

5. Miranti Pratiwi Lantah

Congratulations to all the winners! I'm using this to pick the winner :) Please send me your name and complete address..send it to desaboneka@gmail.com...Oh! and don't forget to pick one animal! :)

Thank youuu very much for all the participants..Stay tuned for the next giveaway!..maybe next time you'll be the winner :)...or..you can adopt the animals!..they'll be very happy! and me too off course!..haha...

And this is the full family picture of the second animal series!
Top (from left to right): bee, cat, octopus, owl
Bottom (from left to right): monkey, penguin, bird, shark, and dog.

contact me for more information here:
email: desaboneka@gmail.com
ym: desaboneka
whatsapp: 0813 800 95047

27 July, 2011

Mr Crab

Mr Crab by DesaBoneka
Mr Crab loves to take a hike…it’s a little slippery..but it’s okay..”This is my exercise every morning, so my tummy doesn’t get any bigger than this!”, he said.
Mr Crab can be use as key chain, mobile phone hanger, necklace, bookmark, refrigerator magnet, brooch, or just for accompany you at your desk! :)
contact me for more information here:
email: desaboneka@gmail.com
ym: desaboneka
whatsapp: 0813 800 95047

26 July, 2011

Goody bags

Hi all! Last month I have an order from my sister. Her son's 2nd birthday is coming. And she planning to give goody bags to her son's friends. She ordered 30 pieces animal keychains to be hanged on the goody bags. These are the cutie animals!! :3

Special price if you order before 1st of September 2011!..

contact me for more information here:email: desaboneka@gmail.com
ym: desaboneka
whatsapp: 0813 800 95047

25 July, 2011

Name card

15072011 by DesaBoneka
15072011, a photo by DesaBoneka on Flickr.
This is Desa Boneka name card..the shape is from our logo! :D

Don't forget! still 4 days to go if you want to join the giveaway! :) ..I will announce the winner on 31 July 2011...Good luck all! :)

20 July, 2011

Progress Shot

This is the view around my desk every..single..day...Well, the truth is, usually much more messier than this. I'm tidying up a bit for the shot..hihi :p

09 July, 2011

Desa Boneka July Giveaway!

Teaser 2 by DesaBoneka
Teaser 2, a photo by DesaBoneka on Flickr.
My very first giveaway!
The rule is veryyyy simple!
1. Follow my blog :)
2. Mention 3 kind of animal on that picture -put your answer on the comment area, and don't forget to write your name & email address :)
3. Re-blog/re-tweet/re-whatever it is about this giveaway, from your blog, twitter, fb, anything!

This giveaway ends on 30 of July 2011. 5 winners will be selected randomly, and will get to pick one animal from my bookmark animal collection. :)
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