19 June, 2012

Brooch animal series - 3rd Giveaway!

Desaboneka is getting more crowded with new shapes and forms, 
and they are very eager to see more of the world, 
so would you like to be the very first lucky adopters and grant them their wishes? :)

Join us on this giveaway!
One (1) lucky winner will get a pair of brooch. 
1 for you, and 1 for your lucky 'someone' :)  
Just need to put your answer on the comment area. The question is:

Why Desa Boneka is a perfect gift for someone?
Which animal do you want to give? (you can choose
from the picture above) and to whom?


This giveaway ends on 20 of JULY 2012. 
I'll pick 1 winner with the best answer :)
You're all welcome to blurb this giveaway to any kind of social tools 
you can think of! the more always the merrier :)
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