17 January, 2012

Itty-bitty series

Hi all! I'm back with new series!
These cutesy itsy bitsy teeny weeny dolls are the cutest troops in the world.
Even though they're tiny in size, they safeguard the village citizen in Desa Boneka.
Some times they have mistakenly seen as candy by human.

Height: 1,5 cm
Perfect for: mobile phone hanger/necklace
Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years.

contact me for more information here:
email: desaboneka@gmail.com
ym: desaboneka

10 January, 2012

❤ Color your animal ❤

Tell me what is your true color!
Our doll now can be more flexible in color..
because life is supposed to be colourful
And I want the color of my animals cheer you everyday.
You can get the animal you want, in whatever color you love ❤❤
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