07 March, 2010

Black Octopus

He's the type of octopus that can climb through things..he likes soft light..
it's dark under the water..so he often going up to the dry land..

*special for Monster Kapas

05 March, 2010

Double date

They're having a double date..

Henry the Shark

Henry is a shark..mmm..a cute shark..his fish friends told him,
that he looks like a whale because of his rounded body..


Special order from Aci..

nb: buat pacarnya aci, kirimin dong fotonya sama si item.. :D

03 March, 2010

Naomi and Bubu

The cute girl is Naomi...
Bubu is wearing Naomi's favourite color..

02 March, 2010


They are getting ready for the
'Annual Parade'

height: 1,5 cm


Ruru loves to keep something in her head..
"It makes me feels alive" she said..

Size: adjustable
Perfect for your iPhone

01 March, 2010


They are twins..The pink one is Chici..and the other one is Choco..

height: 1,5 cm


I want to build a tiny house..built with paper...filled with letters, thoughts, dreams, aphorisms...A house that if you look around, there's light everywhere..so there will be no darkness..A house without a roof, or at least a roof that built from a clear crystal..so I can chat with Mr. moon and Mrs. star without having any trouble seeing them..Outside the house, there's a mini garden with tons of flowers in it, dancing butterfly, fluffy rabbit, and glowing fireflies that shine the house when night comes..
blah blah blah

..Just dreaming..



He lives in a place where it always snowy..but this picture taken in Asia..
where he spend his holiday..his friends call him Snooby..
he loves to sing..but he doesn't have a lip..so his voice sounds like a tractor..

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